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Guam expecting more Chinese visitors

130212230105-guam-map-story-topChinese tourism overseas will double in the next six years to 200 million people a year, according to a recent report from analysts at CLSA, and a tiny US military outpost 900 miles north of the equator in the Western Pacific could be one of the biggest beneficiaries.

The hilly 200-square-mile island of Guam, population about 160,000, could see 50% growth in Chinese tourists, analysts say, the most of any destination.

In ultimate numbers, that’s still not huge: 21,000 Chinese tourists traveled to Guam in 2013, compared to over 3 million Chinese tourists who went to Thailand, the most popular foreign destination. But the growth in Chinese tourists to Guam has already skyrocketed from 1,000 in 2007, and Guam businesses are lobbying the US Congress to pass a visa-waiver program (paywall) for Chinese citizens that could make that growth even faster.

Guam’s proximity to the rest of Asia (it’s a three to five hour flight from several major cities) has already contributed to a boom in tourism, mostly from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, that has transformed the island’s economy. The US military base was reliant on defense spending for decades, but tourism now supplies about 60% of Guam’s revenues.

Chinese tourists Guam - Luxury hotels of AmericaTaiwan’s “Hello Kitty” airline, Eva Air, started regular flights to Guam from Taipei in 2011, and nearly 1 million Japanese vacationers come every year to enjoy the island’s mix of white sand beaches, coral reef and air conditioned duty-free shopping malls.

Guam’s military history might prove as much of a draw for the Chinese, who are clashing with Japan and other Asian neighbors over the rights to islands and territory in the South China Sea. In July, Guam celebrates its liberation from the Japanese, who landed in 1941 and were driven from the island by the US in 1944, with a month of parades, festivals and the crowning of a “Liberation Queen.”

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Guam Visitors Bureau launches a campaign to entice Chinese visitors

In order to further engage and attract the Chinese tourists, Guam Visitors Bureau launches its second campaign, “Suggest a Slogan to Win Your Trip to Guam”.

Guam, an island with sandy beaches and a rich cultural heritage. Not only is the island a top destination with newly–weds and couples on a romantic retreat but for people wanting to relax and experience a rich and diverse culture as well.

At the end of last year Guam launched its first and successful digital marketing campaign. In order to further engage and attract the Chinese tourists, GVB is launching a second campaign named “Suggest a Slogan to Win Your Trip to Guam”. Participants will be asked to select a background and write an eloquent and attractive slogan for Guam. After submitting the entry, participants will immediately be able to gain 8 votes from friends by sending them a link which will ask them to register and vote.

The campaign will have a duration of three months, from March till May, in which participants are able to submit their slogan. At the end of the campaign the first place winner will receive an one-week trip to Guam and the runner up will receive a prize sponsored by DFS and hotels.

“Guam is a small but thriving island which allows visitors to wind down, relax and take in all the cultural sights. Guam is still shrouded in mystery to outsiders with a rich and relatively unknown culture. Visitors are able to explore and discover the many facets of Guam and the hospitality of the people here which will create everlasting memories of splendor and warmth”. Said GVB General Manager Gerald S.A. Perez.

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