CVB’s and Chinese tourists

Since 2008, this blog is  proud to be a resource for CVB’s marketing executives interested in attracting more affluent Chinese tourists to their city, county, or state. The growing arrival of affluent Chinese tourists in the US is changing the face of tourism and retail industry. It’s simply the biggest opportunity seen in years to boost local and national businesses. CVB’s have a major role in making sure hotels, resorts, tourists sites, and retailers are ready to welcome these new customers with deep pockets.

Who are these new affluent Chinese inbound tourists?

A rapidly expanding number of nouveau riche Chinese who are eager to spend money on luxury travel and shopping. Highly motivated to seek experiences in the US involving luxury retail, gambling, golfing and other adventure related activities.
They desire to be recognized and treated as VIP’s in order to stand out from their peers. Budget is no issue, they are ready to pay for premium services that we give them the best social status abroad.

The evolution of the behavior of Chinese affluent outbound tourists: from tourist groups to free, independent travelers.

The ADS (Approved Destination Status) agreement between the China and the United States allows a quick process in issuing visas for Chinese tourists traveling in groups, through designated Chinese travel agencies and designated travel agencies in the US.
But a growing number of urban, affluent, and westernized Chinese travelers want to travel to the US with a total freedom of choice of their hotel and activity. As the visa process for individual leisure travelers is longer and requires more paperwork at the US Embassy, most of these affluent Chinese travelers- who are also frequently businessmen and businesswomen- ask for Business visas, easier to obtain.

From traditional Chinese travel agencies to social media: the new sales channels to reach affluent Chinese tourists

91% of affluent Chinese outbound tourists prepare their trip to the United States are using the Chinese web
63% of Chinese outbound tourists don’t trust their local Chinese outbound travel agency to choose a destination and therefore trust word to mouth and referrals from other Chinese tourists
67% of Chinese tourists are influenced by on-line comments from other Chinese travelers about a destination or a hotel abroad

The choice of a U.S. leisure destination is made by Chinese tourists on the Chinese web.

Two million leisure Chinese tourists will  visit United States in 2015. How do they choose their destination, hotel, shopping experience, golf course…? They use Chinese search engines to search websites with Chinese text about U.S. destinations and hotels. They check the Chinese travel blogs, social media networks,  micro-blogging services, bulletin board services to read what other Chinese travelers say about their chosen U.S. destination. Chinese netizens are the most likely to be influenced by consumer opinions than any other nation on the web: An opportunity not to be missed by CVB’s marketing executives.

How do you create a presence on the Chinese web for American CVB’s?

-Having a website  perfectly translated in Chinese, by professional translators
-Creating a page on the Chinese social media and micro blogging service
-Sharing videos, images, and text content in Chinese
-Having Chinese bloggers endorse your hotel or destination and create a “buzz” on the Chinese web
-Encouraging positive comments and reviews on Chinese outbound travel websites
-Having sponsored content articles in influential publications such as Luxury Hotels of America
-Rewarding Chinese bloggers who promote your hotel or destination
-Posting frequently positive information and links to your website on bulletin board services
-Sponsoring travel clubs’ members newsletters

Should you need more advice on this matter, please feel free to send an email to, experts will be at your disposal to talk with you on the best way to attract affluent Chinese visitor in your state, county or city. We have an office in New York city, you’re the most welcome to say Hi and have a coffee with our team!

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4 responses to “CVB’s and Chinese tourists

  1. randi brown

    What is your source for the information above? Specifically,

    “Chinese outbound tourism facts (2011)

    -China: 1.35 billion people
    -55 million traveled internationally in 2010
    -800,000 Chinese visitors in US in 2010
    -One million projected in 2011
    -Two million projected in 2015
    -The United States is #1 “dream destination” for Chinese tourists
    -An average Chinese tourist visiting the US spends $6,000 per stay, more than any other tourist nationality.”

    Thank you -RRB

    • Thanks Randi for your comment. The sources are the WTO (World Tourism Organization), for the global number of Chinese outbound tourists, the CNTA (China National Tourism Administration), and the U.S. Department of Commerce (2010 Stats) for the amount of spending of Chinese tourists in the U.S.

  2. Ryan

    How up to date is this blog? Do you have another website or source to refer me to? Thank you for your help!

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