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Chinese tourists dropping big bucks during their US travels

Chinese tourists have developed quite a reputation for dropping big bucks during their US travels. According to the Department of Commerce of the United States, on average, Chinese tourists each spent 37.5 thousand yuan, or approximately 6,000 US Dollars in 2011.

It’s not quite the weekend yet, but stores at the Leesburg Outlets near Washington D.C are already full of buyers Chinese buyers on holiday.

Miss Xiao has lived in the states for 19 years, she told us even more Chinese tourists are here on the weekends.

Miss Xiao, Local Resident, said, “On the weekends, about 20 to 30 percent of the shoppers here are Chinese. And one third of them are tourists from the Chinese mainland.”

In order to attract more Chinese tourists, many stores have started printing ads and signs in Chinese, and have hired Chinese speaking salespeople.

Ma Yifang, Tourist, said,”My friends and I bought lots of luxury goods from Gucci, Armani and Coach. They are more expensive in China.”

And that’s one of the reasons why Chinese tourists spend a lot here. Plus, there are more brands and styles to choose from.

Statistics show that the number of Chinese tourists in the US is rising steadily, with over 30% increase in six years over the last decade.

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