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Patrick Cooke, newly appointed Vice-President of US Sales and Marketing of China Elite Focus Limited

China Elite Focus Limited, the leading Hong Kong-based marketing agency targeting affluent and wealthy Chinese outbound tourists, has selected Patrick Cooke as its new Vice President of U.S. Sales & Marketing.

China Elite Focus Limited continues to thrive in the luxury travel and tourism industry, and with its growth the company is bringing on new executive leadership. Patrick Cooke will serve as its Vice President of U.S. Sales & Marketing for expanding the U.S. market. He will be in charge of expanding the existing China Elite Focus’ client’s network in the U.S.

“We are clearly excited to have Patrick join the senior ranks of the China Elite Focus management team” said Pierre Gervois, Chief Executive Officer of China Elite Focus.
“China Elite Focus expertise, along with Patrick’s focused experience in sales and marketing, will reinforce and accelerate the growth of our position as a leading marketing and communication agency for the U.S. hospitality and travel organizations willing to entice more affluent Chinese outbound tourists”

“China Elite Focus has an unrivalled expertise in the understanding of the needs and requirements of the new generation of affluent Chinese outbound tourists, wich is crucial for the travel and tourism industry in the country. Hotels, resorts, casinos, entertainment parks, natural parks, golfs, ski resorts all need to have now a proactive marketing strategy in China targeting directly the 50 million Chinese outbound travelers” said Patrick Cooke. “
“It is of the utmost importance that the U.S. travel sector realizes that an average Chinese inbound tourist in the U.S. spends an average of $7,000 during a leisure trip, much more than any other nationality, according to the State Department of Commerce statistics”, Patrick Cooke added.

Age 43, Patrick graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in marketing and began his career in sales and marketing with a professional basketball organization. He spent twelve years in sales and marketing in the healthcare industry.
He is very passionate about international travel, having visited 35 countries. He is also a big outdoor enthusiast and an avid alpine skier and downhill mountain biker.

“Patrick will bring his professionalism and positive energy to the new China Elite Focus Representative office in the United States”, Pierre Gervois added.

Patrick Cooke will be based at the China Elite Focus U.S. Representative office in Seattle, Washington. He can be contacted at

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